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A mostrar mensagens de janeiro, 2018

O primeiro artigo para debate é uma carta aberta:

" To World Rugby, Sir Bill Beaumont, All Executive Members, and to whom it may concern, Hello! I hope you're fine, because  unfortunately we are not! I'm Manuel Pinto, a huge fan of rugby . I'm writing this letter on behalf of all small clubs in Portugal and by small I mean almost every club. In the past  few years, our Federation (Federação Portuguesa de Rugby - FPR) gradually stopped helping most of the teams with fundamental support, which I will mention some of them bellow: - Basic transports for players to play outside their cities.  - The funding (monetary protection) for clubs that invest on training new players, to increase the number of young players  in order to follow their evolution within the team. - The supplies of rugby materials (of every kind, even rugby balls). There is an obvious detachment for the newest clubs in Portugal. Unfortunately they have never really helped the new clubs that appea